Say Hello To Pauline And Wayne Liberg From Scholler Shoe Repairs

18 Jan 2018

Say hello to Pauline and Wayne who manage the Scholler family business at The Glen.

This family owned business has a famous legacy at The Glen, which all started with Pauline’s dad, John Scholler in 1970. Originally from Vienna, John worked as a shoe salesman for many years before taking up the craft and moving to Australia where he opened Scholler Shoe Repairs with his son Kurt.

Since she was 12, Pauline worked closely with her dad in the shop and learned the various trades. Pauline married Wayne, a handyman who worked across various industries, and when John Scholler retired they took over the family business.

Repairing Shoe

Pauline has been working at Scholler Shoe Repairs for over 15 years, whilst Wayne has been there for over 20; and together, they have become a very well-known couple amongst The Glen’s shoppers. “The family name ‘Scholler’ really means something to the people here at The Glen”, says Pauline. “This is a beautiful community and the customers here make us feel like part of a bigger family. We love what we do and the people that we meet”. Even their three daughters Alexis, Lillian and Olivia help out at the store.

Scholler Shoe Repairs

What’s so impressive is that Scholler Shoe Repairs isn’t just a store where you can get your shoes re-dyed, remodelled, re-stitched or re-soled. The services available extend to watch repairs, car key and remote repairs, garage remote repairs, key cutting and engraving. They can also custom make leather goods such as wallets and belts. Local podiatrists even send their patients to Pauline and Wayne for shoe build-ups and remodelling. “Although every job is different” says Wayne, “we put in the same amount of work into everything we do. That way, customers know exactly what to expect and that’s why they always come to us”.

So the next time you’re in the centre, make sure you visit Scholler Shoe Repairs on Lower Ground opposite TerryWhite Chemmart and say “hello” to Pauline and Wayne.