Say Hello To Johnny, My And Roger Chang From The Glen Asian Grocery

11 May 2017

Say hello to the Chang family, Johnny, My and Roger; the owners and operators of The Glen Asian Grocery, bringing you fresh produce and groceries from around the globe.

Having moved from Vietnam over 22 years ago, Johnny and My arrived in Australia ready to start their own business. With My’s family already operating some successful Asian groceries here in Melbourne, My and Johnny spent a lot of time learning from them how to operate a grocery. Eventually, My and Johnny opened their first grocery in the western suburbs, operating in different parts of Melbourne before settling right here at The Glen and opening the Glen Asian Grocery nearly six years ago.

The business employs over 15 people including the Chang family. Johnny looks after the business from an operations and customer relations perspective, My looks after the staff and orders the groceries; and their son, Roger, takes care of fresh produce procurement and marketing. To enhance the authentic Asian vibe of the grocery, all the staff members speak a variety of different languages including: Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese. Roger says that “what makes the customer experience here so great is that if one of the staff members here realise that you speak another language, they will direct you to a shop assistant who also speaks the language to help provide that extra personal touch”.

Fresh produce

Although the store name may suggest otherwise, nearly all of the fresh produce is actually locally sourced from different farms across Australia. Oftentimes in order to get some of the fresh produce such as white radish and bok choy, Roger procures stock directly from farms in Victoria. But in order to get some of those authentic Asian groceries, importing goods from countries such as Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia is a must. “We are always talking to our customers trying to find out what sort of groceries they shop for and if we don’t stock it, we look into sourcing that particular item” says Johnny. “Because of this constant communication, we have managed to provide customers with a great range of stock”.

What you also may not know is that when the Chang family gets the chance, they donate store proceeds to the Glen Waverley Lions Club and the local Buddhist temple. “We’re very grateful to be here in Australia and we want to make sure that we give back to our local community who have been so supportive of us”.
With the business now up and running smoothly, Johnny and My are looking into opening another store, with plans for Roger to take over his father’s current role.

So if you love quality produce at great prices or are a bit of a master-chef looking for some fresh and exotic ingredients to cook with, be sure to visit the Changs at The Glen Asian Grocery on Lower Ground and say hello.