Say Hello To Ian And Kelly Costello From Baker's Delight

02 Feb 2017

Say hello to Ian and Kelly Costello from Baker’s Delight at The Glen, the husband and wife duo who have been bringing you freshly baked goods every day for over 10 years.

Baker’s Delight has been trading at The Glen for 15 years. It had always been a dream for Ian and Kelly to go into small business together but neither of them would have guessed that it would be baking, especially given that Ian is a former engineer and Kelly works in the legal industry. Driven by the desire to be small business owners and to have the freedom to provide a personal level of customer service, both Ian and Kelly knew what they had to do. This uncanny combination resulted in the two purchasing the store in 2006.

Ian and Kelly both agree that it’s the customers and the staff who make their job so amazing. “Seeing the same customers come in everyday for their bread, saying hello, finding out what they have been up to is what makes this job so enjoyable for me”, says Ian. “They become an important part of your life”.  But it’s not just the customer relationships which make it all worthwhile, it’s also the staff. “It’s amazing to see young high school kids starting their first part-time jobs with us, and then watching them grow and move onto the next stages in their lives; and being taken on that journey with them, getting invited to their 21st birthdays and weddings. It’s a truly wonderful feeling” says Kelly. “One that definitely doesn’t come with every job”.

But Baker’s Delight isn’t just a business or a project for Ian and Kelly; it’s a way for them to give back to the Glen Waverley community in which they grew up in. Every night they donate unsold breads and pastries to local schools, sporting clubs and homeless groups. Kelly says that “this is a great way for us to really help out not just community groups but people in need. We bake our products fresh every day and we couldn’t bare the idea of letting perfectly good food go to waste”.

So the next time you want to stock up on your daily loaf of bread or some delicious pastries, pop into Baker’s Delight in the Fresh Food precinct and say hello to Ian and Kelly.