OhEightOhNine’s Guide To Seasonal Guest Room Redecorating

21 Apr 2017

Q - My life can be measured in hours and I serve by being devoured. The longer I stand, the shorter I grow and most importantly, wind is my foe. What am I?
A - A candle.

Warm up your interiors this winter with @OhEightOhNine’s guide to seasonal guest room redecorating below.

Hello hello,
I am a total autumn girl so I am really looking forward to the seasonal changes. I love the cooler weather, the colours, the fashion, the interior trends and the nature so much more than summer or winter. Today, I’m going to show you how I have redecorated our guest bedroom with some gorgeous AW17 inspired product from The Glen.

As you can probably tell I am a bit linen crazy! It is such a good way to freshen up a room and introduce a new colour palette. I wanted to go with something a little warmer this season, so I chose some new bedding that consists of creams, mushroom and a dull pink. Mustard is amazing in children’s interior but I much prefer something softer in an adult’s room. Below are the items I picked up from The Glen last week.

1. Vintage wash standard pillow cases, nude pink || Adairs ||
2. Picardy knitted cushion, stone || Target ||
3. Linen cotton quilt cover set, Linen || Target ||
4. Hampden cushion, natural/blush || Adairs ||

As you can see from the list above I chose pieces in varying price points. Some are budget friendly while others are more expensive. I like to shop this way because it makes buying seasonally more achievable and it keeps my hubby (and bank account) somewhat happy.


Warm Up Your Interiors


Décor is another aspect of a room that I like to change up every now and then. I always style my bedside tables to compliment the linen, so in this case I have used some warm earthy tones and a clay vase to add a bit of texture. Wood, handmade porcelain and clay homewares are a personal favourite at the moment. They give a little more life to the surrounding space in comparison to a flat surfaced vase and they work back with the raw materials of the linen perfectly.

Last of all, don’t forget to add some greenery or floral into your room styling. Having either a plant or a small posy of flowers on one bedside table will help freshen up the room and bring some nature into the space. If you’re not too much of a green thumb, try buying a rubber plant. They look great and have hardwearing dark green/burgundy foliage. As for flowers, I adore the soft, fluffy texture of hydrangeas.

1. Aesop resurrection hand balm || David Jones
2. Flowers || Deep Blue Florist

Well I hope this has inspired you to get your styling cap on and create a warm, cosy bedroom for the cooler months approaching. Have a lovely week!

Much love,
T xx