Meet Melanie Moran: Our 2017 Mother Of The Year

06 Jun 2017

Introducing the winner of The Glen’s Mother of The Year for 2017 – Melanie Moran! Melanie is a local mum, a strong community advocate and a long time shopper at The Glen. Melanie shares what inspires her each day and how she feels to be awarded the inaugural title of The Glen’s Mother of the Year.

What inspires you?
The smiles on my children's faces! Either when they achieve a goal, or just see me, their smiles make my day.

What community work are you involved in?
I've always been part of community work since I was a child. My Dad was part of Apex and I helped him run events and activities to support the community for decades! Now, I am the team manager for my son's basketball and soccer team and I was previously on the committee at the children's kinder (St John's Primary School in Mitcham). I am still a major part of the school P.A. and organise the major fundraiser and Mother's Day stall amongst other events every year.

How can others inspire in the community?
Helping out in the community isn't just about fundraising or "working for free". It gives a great sense of accomplishment, and can provide long lasting friendships. Working with community organisations is also a great way to get out of the house and feel less isolated (which often occurs when parents stop working to raise a family).

How does it feel to be nominated as The Glen’s Mother of the Year?
I am honoured and also taken by surprise! I've always loved helping out in the community so to be recognised with this prize is just fabulous.

What is your favourite part about the prize?
I'm really looking forward to the pampering and not feeling guilty about indulging in the gifts. I think my own special car parking space at The Glen is going to be well loved and used frequently over the next year. My children can't wait to visit The Glen each shopping trip to unlock our very own car space!!

Why do you love visiting The Glen?
I love the natural light, the ease of access from main roads and most importantly the friendly and gorgeous staff. I've visited most of the stores that donated prizes to my winning gift - the staff have been so excited for me!