Meet James Tolan From Coffee Hit

01 Jan 0001

Obsessed with coffee and passionate about food, James is bringing the best of Melbourne’s specialty coffee culture to The Glen’s new fresh food precinct.

Why are you excited about being part of The Glen?
Bringing the best of Melbourne’s specialist coffee and taking it to The Glen. There are some amazing food retailers and it’s about growing the gap between retail and specialist coffee. We want to be knowledgeable yet approachable. The friendliest coffee snobs you’ll ever meet.

What’s your favourite coffee to make?
I love making aeropress at home, single origin filter pot. Hand grinder. In store, I like a tulip flat white – 160ml cup with optimal coffee to milk ratio in a shaped cup.

What makes Coffee Hit so special?
It goes back to being knowledgeable yet approachable. We are passionate about what we do. We strive to provide amazing service first and foremost and coffee is what we are about. We started as an online coffee retailer to bring good coffee to the masses. It’s our duty to share our knowledge. We also have direct trade with farmers so the process is honest and transparent. We are baristas with technical and sensory training. We do internal training (Intro to Espresso, level one qualification to level three – competition level baristas. It’s our barista building blocks. For our baristas, it’s not a job between jobs, these are professional coffee makers.

Can you describe the relationship between a person and their barista?
Like a marriage. Other than their family it’s the first person they talk to in the morning – and before their caffeine fix. So they appreciate you’re the person that is bringing it to them. The barista is the soul of the café. When you are waiting for your coffee, it’s the barista you’re having the conversation with. We want people to feel as comfortable as you would feel in your living room.

Why The Glen?
It’s more of a community-focused centre. Coffee is a community in itself, and speciality coffee is starting to branch out. Gen X through to millennials are discerning coffee consumers but they are being pushed further out (to the suburbs).

Be sure to visit James and his team at Coffee Hit on Lower Ground inside our Fresh Food Market Hall.