Meet Chloe Vuong From Nosh

03 Oct 2017

With a welcoming space and friendly feel, Nosh serves up a healthy approach to eating.

What’s the Nosh philosophy?
To eat enthusiastically – where goodness begins. We are about eating good food and that means healthy, but also tasty and enticing food. We also have a great vibe in store, which is based on how we would like to feel if we were in store. It’s comfortable, hip, your go-to to get your fix.
We focus on delicious food but are mindful of what goes into our body as well as wellness in the space of food. There’s a conscious trend to look after our health, and we start with what goes into your body. For families, it’s great.

How do you see Nosh fitting into the lives of The Glen shoppers?
It’s a new concept, something they haven’t seen before. We have a warm and welcoming space that represents the brand and has a natural feel with greenery, skylight, and an outdoor feel. The Glen store is also the first space that Nosh will be doing a variation of cakes in addition to coffees.

What menu items do you think people will be really drawn to?
We are creating a breakfast bowl as something special to The Glen. Also our poke bowls and grain bowls are pretty popular but creating your own bowl is the way to go I think.

What are you looking forward to with the opening of Nosh?
I'm excited to be there and get to know the locals. Getting to know the clients at a deeper level and the sense of community that you get with being part of the precinct.

Be sure to visit Chloe and her team at Nosh on Lower Ground inside our Fresh Food Market Hall.