Meet Andre van der Linden From The Butcher Club

01 Jan 0001

With over 25 years of butchery experience and as a third-generation meat retailer, Andre is excited to bring the The Butcher Club’s flagship store to The Glen.

Tell us a bit about you and The Butcher Club.
I have 25 years of experience in butchery and I’m third gen meat retailing. At The Butcher Club we offer meat, poultry and high end dry aged steak, some wagyu lines and specific grass fed steak – targeting the discerning steak buyer. I think that kind of customer is absolutely an emerging middle to upper class shopper that demands something a little out of the ordinary and a better eating experience. With what The Glen is offering, it is quite unique and caters to every type of fresh food shopper. It’s almost like a full market fresh food offer – that’s why we got quite excited at the opportunity – because of the scale of what’s on offer.

What makes The Butcher Club special?
Our strengths are our range of product and our prices cater for everybody. Staff training is quite revolutionary as well – we will upskill the customer service person to Cert three or four in retail; and Cert three in smallgoods, so there’s credibility in our staff. Everything is also prepared on-site (kievs, schnitzels, preparing all the meat cuts). 

What are you excited about with moving to The Glen?
The opportunity to potentially build what we hope will be the flagship store within the group. The fitout has been ramped up – it’s a bigger store, bigger and better offer, on the back of what the Centre is doing around us with the food and dining offering.

What kind of relationship do you think butchers have with their customers?
A light-hearted joking kind of relationship, but also one that provides product knowledge, service, the ability for customers to come to us with any questions about meal ideas and product originality.

Why do you love butchery?
It’s in my blood. I’ve never actually wanted to do anything else. My family had farms, restaurants, abattoirs – so I have been exposed to the whole raft of meat and the bit I love most is the relationship retailers have with the end user. I’m proud to be part of that. It gives us great presence in the community – we are able to support organisations where the members support us – it’s all part of the fun.

Be sure to visit Andre and his team at The Butcher Club on Lower Ground in our new Fresh Food Market Hall.