Inspired Community: Meet Roger Chang

15 Mar 2017

The New Glen is inspired by the local community - you.  Meet Roger Chang from The Glen Asian Grocery and learn about the valuable role he plays in our community as he shares his thoughts on The New Glen.

What is your connection to The Glen and why is it an important place to you?

Our family were very fortunate to have opened our store in The Glen five years ago. The time has really flown by, but just thinking back to when we first started, we never knew the customers at The Glen would embrace our business so whole-heartedly! So I just feel very thankful for opportunities and support given to us by The Glen as well as the customers that visit us everyday.

What do you value most in a shopping destination?

For me personally, I feel like a great shopping destination will have all the variety you need in one convenient location - I want to spend my time shopping, not running around looking for that elusive item! That is why at our grocery we try our best to stock as much variety as possible.

What items do you most love shopping for?

I do love gift giving, it could be birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day and especially Christmas! The best feeling is doing your research online beforehand, deciding on the perfect gift and then promptly going in-store to pick it up. A quick and easy transaction!

What inspires you?

Ever since I took over the role of acquiring fresh produce for the shop, my eyes have really been opened to the staggering amount of variety for every fruit and vegetable. I am always learning new things every week - how things are grown, the best ways to keep produce fresh or how location affects taste - and there is so much more I have yet to learn. It has really inspired me to become more knowledgeable and hopefully this is reflected in the way we provide our produce to our customers.

What are your five favourite things?

My five favourite things are my family, friends, enjoying good food, visiting beautiful places and of course, fresh produce!

What do you love most about the local community?

I love that the local community is so open to try new experiences. Whether it be the Glen walking group or the Chinese New Year celebrations, I always see a wide range of people participating which is fantastic.

What do you hope to see part of The Glen's redevelopment?

With the Glen's redevelopment I can't wait to see all the new dining experiences available, it looks amazing!