Inspired Community: Meet Rhiannon Orr

16 May 2017

The New Glen is inspired by the local community - you.  Meet Rhiannon Orr, a local mum and a regular shopper at The Glen, who shares her thoughts on The New Glen.

What do you value most in a shopping destination?

A good range of stores and a good coffee shop to sit and have a break!

What items do you most love shopping for?

I absolutely love shopping for homewares, books and of course, shoes.

What inspires you?

I love being inspired by the new season fashion. I enjoy planning for the change in climate and having the fashion pieces to match.

What are your five favourite things?

Design books for the coffee table, good reads for the mind, fresh bed linen, a good scented candle and cosy set of pj’s.

What do you love most about the local community?

The friendly atmosphere of Glen Waverley.

What do you hope to see part of The Glen's redevelopment?

A good health food café and a greater range of fashion stores.