Inspired Community: Meet Pat Hodges

12 Apr 2017

The New Glen is inspired by the local community - you. Pat Hodges is one of the millions of customers who we see come through The Glen's doors every year. She's a long time local shopper of the centre, so we thought we'd catch her and get her thoughts on The New Glen. 

What is your connection to The Glen and why is it an important place to you?

The Glen has been my local shopping centre for over 35 years since I first moved to Melbourne from Adelaide.

What do you value most in a shopping destination?

For me personally, it would be convenient parking, clean amenities and a variety of shops.

What items do you most love shopping for?

I'm a bit of a variety shopper. I enjoy shopping for books, haberdashery, clothing, and fruit and vegetables. 

What inspires you?

Good presentation and friendly service.

What are some of your favourite things to do?

Every Friday, I catch up with the ladies who worked at the local school library for a coffee, right here at The Glen. It's a bit of a tradition, as we've been doing this for over 25 years. I also enjoy a bit of browsing and shopping when I've got some hours to spare.

What do you love most about the local community?

I love the feeling of belonging, and seeing and greeting people I know through my work at a local community house, church and schools.  

What do you hope to see as part of The Glen's redevelopment?

The convenience of having the supermarkets and fresh food outlets in the one area. I hope the parking still remains as easy as it is today and I hope to see a great variety of shops.