Howards Storage World's rules to wine storage

16 Oct 2019

The thing to remember is that like milk, wine can spoil; and it’s variances in temperature and light that will increase the likelihood of spoilage.


Howards Storage World's rules to wine storage:

1. No heat. No dampness. No bright lights.
It’s all about location! Whether your collection is large or small, your wine has the best chance of survival if it’s stored in a dark, cool and relatively undisturbed environment.

Sunlight will prematurely age a bottle of plonk. Consistency is key. For those that are cellaring corked bottles, a higher humidity helps to prevent corks from shrinking.

2. Wine is a living thing
It breathes, matures, reaches its prime and eventually spoils. One of the great joys of collecting wine is to know exactly when to drink it. You see, wine is constantly changing; the delicate liquid inside is so responsive to light and other elements that it needs care and a certain level of attention.

What temperature is best you ask? It’s suggested that reds should be stored at 10-16 degrees C and whites at 7-10 degrees C, but most importantly, the temperature should remain consistent.

3. To cellar or not?
Naturally some white wines are designed to age (think Riesling, Semillon and Chardonnay) but there are others created for near to immediate consumption. And red wine; well, these can be consumed immediately but they’d prefer time in the bottle to synchronize; whatever red you choose, all reds will benefit from time in the bottle.

If cellaring, store wine on its side! It’ll keep the cork from drying out and allowing air to enter the bottle, causing oxidation. And what about bottles with synthetic closures? They’re absolutely effective, but they haven’t been tested for long term wine storage so to be safe, keep your wine on its side.

4. Vibration is a no no.
Carefully consider where you store your wine; because vibration (more often felt within a high traffic area; rooms such as the laundry or by moving bottles from pillar to post) disturbs the sediment that would normally fall to the bottom of the bottle as it’s formed. Once you’ve placed your wine in your cellar, keep it there until you’re ready to drink it.

5. There’s good reason to cellar your wine
First and foremost it can only enhance your wine (when done correctly!); but even more so, having a ready made supply of good quality wines that taste great on hand, is the ultimate way to celebrate a special occasion, ideal for when friends unexpectedly drop in or when you simply want to enjoy a quiet Saturday night in with a good drop.


Find the perfect wine storage system

Wine cellars come in many shapes and sizes as does the wine that resides within them. The way we store our wine really comes down to how much we need to store and how often we need to access the collection.
By investing in a stackable or modular solution, you can expand your wine storage as your collection grows. Howards Storage World are cellar organisation experts, ask in-store for advice or if you’re in the market for a complete cellar fit out, simply ask us for a free design and quote.


This article is from Howards Storage World's 'Organisation Station' blog. Howards Storage World is located on the Ground Floor near the Food Gallery.