Father's Day - Meet Our Local Dad: Paul Balakas

10 Aug 2017

Meet Paul Balakas, from our very own Mister Minit. As anyone who has visited his store would know, he is quite the handyman. What you may not know is that Paul is also a father of four children, Annika and Daniel (pictured) and Jack and Layla; and married to Samantha. He loves nothing more than getting time off to spend with his family, as we found out in the interview below.

How do you and your family usually celebrate Father’s Day?

We usually start the day with breakfast in bed, if I’m not working. After that, we will just spend time together as a family in one way or another.

What is your favourite Father’s Day memory?

I love it when the kids give me their presents because they get so excited about it. I love seeing them that excited and happy.

What items are on your wish list this Father’s Day?

A weekend away with the family would be nice. My wife is also always saying I need warm clothes, especially with our winters, so I guess something warm to wear would be nice.

What is it that makes being a Father so special to you?
Getting to see my kids grow up happy.

If you could send a message to all the dads out there what would it be?
Be happy with your life and be nice to your family, always.

*Styled by David Jones. Clothing: Gazman, Shoes: Hush Puppies.

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