Capricho: Made fresh with fire and passion

20 Mar 2018

The story behind Capricho starts the same way the best ones always do; with a journey. In search of bold new flavours and authentic local cuisine, owners Dennis and Christina travelled to the depths of Latin America. It was here that an idea began to form.

Inspired by the fire and passion behind the dishes they discovered, they decided to bring the heat back home. And so, Capricho was born. Spanish for ‘desire’, here the signature Asado Chicken is flame grilled over charcoal with the very same ‘fuego y pasion’ they set out to capture. The result is slow cooked, juicy and smoky – fired up with habanero chili for an added kick. That means real, unique flavours, made with real chemical-free, locally sourced ingredients.

At Capricho, recipes that have been passed down for generations are given a fresh, modern twist – inspired by the exotic spices and vibrant colours of the Latin world, and developed by Dennis and Christina themselves. Their secret sauces range from the aromatic to the adventurous, so you can pick just how far you want to push that fire. Capricho brings locally crafted global flavours to The Glen for a dining experience that’s more than a little addictive.

Visit Capricho located on the Ground Floor in the Food Gallery.