Burgers born in the restaurant. Made to HuxtaGO

20 Mar 2018

The younger brother of Melbourne’s premier burger destination, HuxtaGO, was custom created for the busy foodie – those who want all of the flavour (and more), in half the time.

Born in the celebrated Huxtable kitchen (a hatted restaurant nonetheless), each recipe has been meticulously honed, crafted and refined through decades of culinary exploration. All with the goal of creating the ultimate burger – so good, it’s become a way of life. Made from quality, fresh ingredients that are exactly what they say they are, HuxtaGO burgers are designed to make you feel good, not guilty. That’s why they’ve got the awards, cult status and devoted adoration to show for it.

Drawn from beautiful fresh produce, the menu is built around luxurious staples such as grass-fed beef patties and their very own sweet milk buns. Then, the flavour gets elevated with inspired touches like smoked paprika mayo and dill salt. At The Glen, HuxtaGO also offers carefully considered additions such as coffee, all day breakfast burgers and mini versions of their classic hits – all made to fuel the discerning foodie’s life on the go.

Visit HuxtaGO at our Food Gallery, now open near David Jones.