From Simple To Spooktacular: 5 DIY Costume Ideas For Halloween

News| 5th October 2021
From Simple To Spooktacular: 5 DIY Costume Ideas For Halloween
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With Halloween getting creepily close, now is the perfect time to plan this year’s look.

The key to pulling together a hauntingly good outfit is knowing the best homemade tricks for creating a powerful statement piece, turning your basic get-up into a freakishly good costume.

Make your mummy look a head above the rest

Mummies are a popular Halloween choice because of the costume’s DIY-friendly nature. Feel like breaking out of the tomb this year? We recommend you grab some bandages or shred a white bed sheet into strips to start off your look.

To take your mummy costume from mediocre to spooktacular, you need to give it an extra ‘ancient’ feel. Add some tea or coffee to a bucket of water and let your bandages soak for a couple of hours before allowing them to dry. This will give them a rustic look when it comes to wrapping them around your body (and head if you dare!).

Fray the edges of the bandages in place so they appear worn out and add some extra dirt on the outfit as the final haunting step.

Craft a fang-tastic vampire look

Every good vampire costume begins with a lot of black – pick up a costume from Spotlight or Target or make your own using black pants or a black dress, and a long, flowing black cape (a black bedsheet will do the trick!). Next, top off the look with a white shirt and a splash of red. It could be a vest, a bow tie or even a belt.

The secret to the ultimate fang-tastic DIY vampire is creating some fake blood. Simply mix one cup of glucose syrup with two tablespoons of chocolate sauce and drop in a touch of red food colouring until you reach your desired deep red colour. You can find these ingredients at Woolworths or Coles.

You’ll have enough to dribble down your fake fangs onto your chin and to even splash on those around you.

Make your witch or wizard outfit extra wild

Magical outfits are some of the best Halloween costumes because they allow you to infuse your own sense of style. You can pick one up complete from Target and add your own accessories, or you can create your base at home using a black dress or robe, and then adding vibrant coloured socks or a bold belt.

Add some extra craze to your ensemble with a secret weapon – hairspray. Rather than using it to smooth down stray hairs, this tool will let you create a wild rat’s nest effect. Tease your hair by brushing it from the end to the roots, working section by section, until you get a dishevelled hairdo you are happy with. Hairspray your look to hold its madness in place for as long as needed.     

Don’t have an old-style broom or fancy wand? Improvise! A modern witch or wizard rides what they want, including contemporary brooms and mops. Top off your look with a pointed hat and you’re off and flying.

Give that skeleton skull a face-paint makeover

It’s time for the traditional skeleton look to get a super simple Halloween glow-up. Start with the basics – don a pure black outfit, ideally with pants and a long sleeve top. Next, jump in front of the mirror and start building your skeleton with masking tape bones. Get a photo up on your phone for help with your anatomy if needed.

To level up your scary skeleton, pick up some black and white face paint to create your gaunt makeup. Start by colouring in your entire face white, before adding large black circles around your eyes and on your nose. Next, add some black to the inner corners of your lips to create a line when closed, and extend this across the face to stop in the middle of your cheeks. Draw small vertical lines up and down from this to create a larger, more menacing mouth.

Create pirate accessories ready for plundering   

Heaps of fun for younger family members’, a pirate’s outfit is not complete without plenty of vital, treasure hunting accessories.  

Use regular everyday items such as a cup and aluminium foil to form a hook hand or paint an old cardboard roll to form a telescope. For this outfit, cardboard, or thick foam are your best friend. Use them to form a large (non-dangerous) sword or a black pirate’s hat.

Finish the look with a stripey top, black pants, a red bandana (this can be a tea towel or a scarf) tied around the waste.

Which costume will you wear this Halloween? Share it with us on Facebook and Instagram by using the hashtag #Halloween2021 and tagging @theglenshopping! We can’t wait to see how you take your own looks up a notch this year.

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