Ticketless parking: Frequently Asked Questions

17 Sep 2017

Why is The Glen introducing a new ticketless parking system?

As part of our $460 million transformation, here at The Glen we have introduced a new modern parking system to offer our customers convenient parking, seven days a week.
Our customers have told us that they want quick, easy and convenient parking and to ensure we have availability for our guests during peak times our new advanced parking system includes parking guidance technology to make it easy to find a park and ticketless licence plate recognition for drive in, drive out convenience.

How does The Glen’s new ticketless parking system work?

The new parking system is based on licence plate recognition. On entry there is no boom gate or tickets issued so you can drive straight in with a digital clock displaying your parking entry time.

Parking guidance technology indicators show you where to park. Real-time electronic display boards will guide you to available car spaces.

If your visit is within three hours, you’ll enjoy free parking and you can simply proceed to any exit, the parking system will recognise your licence plate and the boom gate will raise automatically – it’s that easy.

If you stay longer than the three hours, simply pay for your parking at any of the Pay Stations in the centre by entering your licence plate and paying via credit or debit card or cash then drive to any exit where the parking system will recognise your licence plate and the boom gate will open automatically.

Alternatively you can register your details with us and simply drive to any exit and if there are any parking fees, you’ll enjoy quick drive out convenience as we’ll automatically charge your credit card.

What are the rates for The Glen’s new parking system?

Every day you can park at The Glen for three hours for free. If your stay with us is longer than three hours the following parking rates apply.

Hours Parked Cost ($)
0 - 3 Hours FREE
3 - 4 Hours $3
4 - 5 Hours $5
5- 6 Hours $9
6 - 7 Hours $20
7+ Hours $30
Disabled Validation Yes, free all day

 *Credit Cards incur an 8 cent surcharge

What are the benefits of registering for ticketless parking at The Glen?

If you register for ticketless parking and if there are any parking fees, you’ll enjoy quick drive in, drive out convenience as we’ll automatically charge your credit card and email you a receipt.

Can I park for free multiple times per day?

If you exit The Glen and want to return on the same day, there needs to be 45 minutes between your exit and return to receive another three hours free. This policy is to prevent misuse and give every visitor a fair go at finding an available parking space

I have a disabled parking permit. Will parking fees apply?

The Glen offers free all day parking for Disabled Parking Permit holders. Please register your permit details and validate your account by simply bringing your permit to our Concierge Desk on Ground Level near Telstra. For further information visit our Concierge Desk or call our Centre Management Team on (03) 9814 6000.


How safe are my personal and credit card details?

The Glen keeps all personal details secure in accordance with our privacy policy which can be found on our website or on request from our Concierge Desk on Ground Level near Autograph and NoniB. This policy adheres with Australia’s Privacy Act.

What should I do if I need assistance at the Pay Station or exit gate?

Please press the intercom HELP button on the Pay Station or exit gate column and a member of our team will assist you.

What if I can't remember my licence plate?

It’s easy to keep track of when you entered the car park by simply typing your licence plate into any one of our Pay Stations located near the centre entrances.