Say Hello To Paul Balakas From Mister Minit

26 Jun 2017

Say hello to Paul Balakas, our local handyman and master of trades from Mister Minit.

Paul is the owner and operator of Mister Minit and has been at the centre for over 12 years. Prior to joining The Glen, Paul worked in various fresh produce shops around Melbourne, including the one in the Glenway arcade outside The Glen on O’Sullivan road for seven years.

Being a bit of a handyman, Paul wanted to open his own business where he could put his numerous skills to good use. So one day, Paul decided to open up a Mister Minit at The Glen and became the go-to-guy for: watch repairs, shoe repairs, remote repairs, key cutting, engraving, knife sharpening and more.

Paul working

“Being the owner of a business is great” Paul exclaimed. “I get run the store how I want and I get the direct satisfaction from solving problems for customers”. Paul prides himself on his skills and puts in an incredible amount of work into every job. Not convinced? Let his store’s policy do the talking. “I guarantee the work we do here at Mister Minit. If you’re not happy with something we have done for you, we will re-work or replace it for free. If we can’t fix what we’ve done, we will pay for the whole item to be replaced, whether it’s a pair of shoes, a watch, anything” says Paul.

Courtesy of Paul, you can also enjoy plenty of great deals that are on-going including: 20% off all key cutting when you get any other service done and 20% off shoe re-soling when you get your heels re-done on the same pair of shoes. You can rest easy because Paul also offers one year warranties on watch repairs and remotes, and six month warranties on all shoe repairs.

Amidst all the work and training his protégé, Riley, Paul loves nothing more than going home to his four children, playing games with them and going for a bit of a swim. So the next time you’re at The Glen and need something fixed up, why not head down to Mister Minit on Lower Ground outside JB Hi-Fi; and support a family owned business and say hello to Paul.

As we get closer to bringing you The New Glen, Paul will be relocating into a brand new store outside Coles on Lower Ground later in July, so be sure to keep an eye out for him and Riley!