Say Hello To Koko And Osan Tchorbadjian From KT Jewellery

24 Apr 2017

Say hello to Koko and Osan Tchorbadjian from KT Jewellery, the husband and wife team who have been providing family owned jewellery services for over 26 years.

Since first opening their doors in 1991 inside The Glen’s arcade, Koko and Osan have prided themselves on building a business that is inspired by passion for jewellery and family. Koko, who puts the “KT” in KT Jewellery, has over 30 years’ experience and works as the main jeweller on-site. His wife, Osan, runs the store and works closely with customers to find them the perfect piece; and their son Ara, also helps out with jewellery making and customer service. “What Koko and I love most about our job is spending time getting to know our customers, and then helping them find the right piece based on what we learn about them, it’s very rewarding” says Osan.


Passion for jewellery runs wide in the family, but what you may not know is that the success of KT Jewellery provided new opportunities for the Tchorbadjian family, allowing them to open up another store named Le Cadeau at The Glen and another KT Jewellery in East Doncaster. Where KT Jewellery provides classical and refined pieces, Le Cadeau (meaning “gift” in French) provides fashion branded jewellery from lines such as Swarovski and German-made Coeur De Lion.

Of course, it’s not just exceptional service that you will find at KT Jewellery and Le Cadeau, it’s also quality jewels. “All of our diamonds are certified, which means they’re obtained conflict-free and that they’re registered; meaning customers can check the quality of the diamond they’re purchasing”. In addition to their quality made pieces, they also provide a number of jewellery services including: battery replacements, watch repairs, evaluations, pearl threading, remodelling and resizing.

Coeur De Lion

With now three generations of family members working across the stores, it’s easy to know why they’ve become The Glen’s longest serving jewellers. Osan says that “we’ve been here for a long time and people know and trust us. When you meet with us, you’re not dealing with a sales person; you’re dealing directly with a jeweller, that’s what sets us apart”.

So the next time you’re looking for a stunning piece of jewellery, in need of a repair or are after something a little more tailored and unique , head into KT jewellery and Le Cadeau on Ground Level opposite Concierge and say hello to Koko and Osan, and the rest of the family.