Say Hello To Alice And Marco From Divine Poultry

01 Feb 2018

Say hello to Alice and Marco, the husband and wife duo who have been bringing fresh poultry to The Glen's customers for over 10 years.

Divine Poultry is located in the Fresh Food Market Hall next to The Glen Asian Grocery, and serves a great range of produce including chicken and duck, along with delicacies that aren’t so easy to find such as quail, muscovy and pheasant.

Alice and Marco pride themselves on the freshness and quality of their poultry. This is evident in products such as their La Ionica and Bannockburn premium free range chicken, which is special because the chickens are grain-fed on Victorian farms. Plus they are not processed with any chemicals and are naturally air dried.

Alice from Divine Poultry

When Alice and Marco opened Divine Poultry, they wanted to ensure that the range on offer would cater to a variety of tastes. For traditional Australian dishes, their fresh chicken schnitzels and kievs, which are never frozen, are a big hit. ”Customers are consistently telling us that it’s the best they’ve ever had” said Alice. Divine Poultry also offer a range tailored for Asian cuisine, offering various specialties including: free range rooster and pullets, guinea fowl, silky chicken and pigeon; and all their poultry is halal meat.  

Divine Poultry also sells pre-cooked meals such as salty duck and steamed pepper chicken; and if you love marinated chicken, you’ll be spoilt for choice with eight different flavours of marinade available including honey soy, peri peri and tandoori.

 “You’ll not only get quality products from Divine Poultry, but you can be sure to get great service” said Marco. Part of what makes Divine Poultry’s customer service so special is that every single staff member can speak at least three languages.

So the next time you’re visiting The Glen and you’re after fresh poultry, be sure to visit and say “hello” to Alice and Marco, and support this family owned business.