Inspired Community: Meet Premila, Yew Har, Andrew and Pauline

28 Jun 2017

The New Glen is inspired by the local community - you.  With over 100 members and an accompanying waiting list, The Glen Walking Group has been an integral part of our community. Meet Premila, Yew Har, Andrew and Pauline from our Walking Group and see what they have to say about The New Glen.

What is your connection to The Glen and why is it an important place to you?

Premila: We're all part of The Glen Walking Group. I visit regularly and do a bit of shopping after our walks on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Andrew: I do the majority of my shopping here and of course, I'm part of The Glen Walking Group, which means a lot to me.

What do you value most in a shopping destination?

Andrew: Supermarkets and great coffee shops.
Premila: Convenient parking facilities are important to me because no one enjoys driving around trying to find a spot. I also enjoy shopping for fresh food, so a great variety of delis and market style stores is also important.  

What items do you most love shopping for?

All: Coffee! 
Pauline: I love shopping for quality made jewellery and great tasting food when I catch up for lunch with friends.
Yew Har: Shopping for homewares has always been quite enjoyable for me as I love to cook.

What inspires you?

Premila: The Glen Walking Group. It has inspired me to make friends and to maintain my fitness levels.
Andrew: I love the dome and all the natural light structures. 

What are your five favourite things?

Premila: The Walking Group, a friendly atmosphere, convenience, great coffee, having everything you need in close proximity to home.
Pauline: I have to say I agree with Premila, she read my mind.

What do you love most about the local community?

Yew Har: My favourite thing is that it's a very multicultural community with lots of activities that recognise and appreciate different cultural backgrounds.
Andrew: I love the polite and friendly nature of people. It also has great parks and amenities.

What do you hope to see part of The Glen's redevelopment?

Pauline: I'd love to see an upgrade of amenities and some new quality and exciting stores. I love that it will still keep its inviting atmosphere.
Yew Har: I'm glad the centre will not be losing its identity. It is very community focused and it's great it will stay like that.