What is the Muscle Definer TeslaFormer?

20 Mar 2020

Long gone are the days where countless squats, abdominal crunches and planks were the only way to a strong, shredded, toned and sculpted body.

This revolutionary muscle building, strengthening and sculpting technology uses Tesla energy to stimulate strong muscle contractions above the level possible through exercise alone. TeslaFormer lifts and firms the treated area, targeting deep into muscles that can be difficult to activate during exercise.

It will help you accelerate results to obtain more muscle definition for those wanting to get a six-pack, leaner and stronger arms or firmer and sculpted glutes. The result is increased muscle density, volume and strength.

How does the Muscle Definer TeslaFormer Work?

The TeslaFormer uses FMS (functional magnetic stimulation) to stimulate up to 50,000 pulses – the equivalent of 50,000 crunches to strengthen and tone your inner core and pelvic floor.

Benefits of using TeslaFormer to sculpt your body:

  • Grow muscle mass
  • Burn fat quicker than a 30-minute workout
  • Stay in shape
  • Lift your butt
  • Increase muscle definition to your abs and arms
  • Improved posture by strengthening your core muscles

Is it for me?

If you are looking for muscle definition and to strengthen your abs, arms and tone your glutes, then the TeslaFormer is for you!

The Tesla former uses functional magnetic stimulation (FMS) to stimulate muscle contractions to strengthen and tone the abdominals, glutes and pelvic floor.

At your initial complimentary consultation, Body Catalyst's Body Experts will be able to advise if TeslaFormer is appropriate for you.

Areas that can be treated include: abdomen, buttocks, pelvic floor and most major muscle groups except the chest and head.

For further details, visit the friendly team at Body Catalyst (Ground Floor near David Jones).